Hi, Hola, Hej!
It's great that you dropped by for a visit. My name is Eva, and I design and create jewelry with anodized aluminum. This metal is an exiting, industrial material. It is sustainable, featherlight, and its reflective surface offers a high luster.
I combine aluminum with sterling silver, 18 K gold, or stainless steel. Of course, all pieces are nickel-free for your health and beauty. You will find an assortment of my collections in my web shop.

Looking for one of a kind jewelry for yourself? We create unique pieces in jewelry and interior decor. Also, we design for clubs, associations, and businesses. Please drop me an email at shop@nordicfields.se. Our chat line can answer your questions. You can also visit us on Facebook or Instagram.

I live in Stockholm, Sweden and south of Alicante, Spain. I would love to arrange to meet with you, in real life or digital. Besides my webshop there are many resellers in the northern part of Sweden and in the Scandinavian House, New York.

Handmade jewelry in Sweden by Eva Waitzfelder

How it all started!
I love to travel, and for most of my adult life, and going to different places is what I have done. North, south, or west, I've traveled in all directions. Like most of us, gathering memories of these adventures is part of the journey. I was never into hats and tee shirts or any of the other tourist souvenirs. My memories were the local craftsmanship found in art, crafts, and jewelry. Especially jewelry.

I got the bug to play golf, and it wasn't long before I was combining my two passions, golf, and travel. Golf has many fantastic destinations all over the world. Its rich history allows one to play classic courses that have been utilized for centuries. The newer golf courses are located in Nature's fabulous locales, with breathtaking scenery and excellent accommodations.
Of course, I tried to continue collecting my memories of jewelry when visiting these resorts and historical places. Imagine my disappointment in finding almost all the golf shops I visited had no stylish examples to offer. If they had any, it was usually a broach or pendant with golfball or golf bag motifs.

In the back of my mind, I always wanted to work artistically on designs of my own. My predicament with finding golf adornment now gave me the perfect opportunity to scratch both itches. I would design and create my fine jewelry for myself and my fellow golfers. My first collection is called "On the Green." With that collection, Nordic fields launched.

Since that humble beginning, I've learned a lot about the components I use. For instance, I can capture any image or text and bond to my medium. That's helped to deliver exclusive designs to businesses on name tags and logo items. People love the pieces we've developed with the mystical visions of Sweden's Northern Lights. They are elegant as well as otherworldly. 
My love of expressing myself and searching for sophisticated ways to wear memories instead of tee shirts and hats. Welcome to Nordic fields.

Best wishes,
Eva Waitzfelder